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Built on a desire to live well, live consciously, be happy, and aware. We at AVATARA consciously deliver unmatched service which can embark its presence in your memories for years to come.

Best Resort in Dehradun

We understand and value the power of people coming together, to make special memories, plans and strategize, build teams or simply celebrate an occasion. With breath-taking venue and a host of professionals for whom your service is a top priority, our hotels make an obvious choice for a seamless event that will have a lasting impression.

Avatara By Bhagirathi Resort presents one of the perfect backdrops for Destination Wedding, Corporate Retreats and Hosting A Party. We will take care that every events in resort will be held in a fully supervised environment. Our staff will maintain a discrete distance but will always be available to serve you at a moment’s notice.

Best Resort in Dehradun

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